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Free Will is a portuguese duo, consisting of two brothers (Daniel and Carlos Mouta), which started in June 2010, originally as a trio.

They have been listening to electronic music for many years (appreciating most of its genres), but Trance was their choice when they wanted to start a music project and their main focus was set on the subgenre 'Uplifting'.

Their influences come from several music styles… so, even though they grew appreciating mostly rock and pop music, it was the increasing popularity of electronic music in the 90's that was the most influential for them. That fact was decisive because in the years that followed, they were introduced to Trance music and became instant fans.

Musical formation was a part of their teenage years and that helped them to become more musically skilled so it's fair to say this project was a way to explore those skills on a deeper level. Mixing tracks is what they love the most but producing music is also a passion and something they have been working on. They consider that a combination of harmonic melodies with a strong and captivating rhythm is the key for a great musical creation.

UpLift Your Mind is their regular radioshow, originally created on a weekly basis. This was changed in April 2013, when it was decided they would start doing a two-hour episode, every 2nd Tuesday of each month. The show is broadcast on Discover Trance Radio.

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Broadcasted on Mixlr (Wide Future)
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